Thursday, February 03, 2005

Tame Iti - Prick 

OK - let us drop the argument about whether the falg is an irrelevant ugly duckling and agree that while it is in place, no prick puts a bullet through it. God this grandstanding makes me sick - lock the prick up and when his mates start kicking holes in things in protest, take them down to.

Protest or Pantomime?

My Right is keen to see how George Hawkins is going to avoid answering this question today:


1. STEPHEN FRANKS to the Minister of Police: Did it occur to him to ask the police what evidence they were still seeking when they informed him they were still investigating the Tame Iti case when Tame Iti was seen on television brandishing a shotgun, which he also discharged to shred a New Zealand flag, and what assurance can he give that all New Zealanders are treated equally under the law?

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