Friday, February 11, 2005

Good night, My Right 

How things change. Tickets are booked, resignation handed in and preparations are under way - My Right is off to London.

Many things to sort out - so of all the things that exhaust My Right's recreational time - unfortunately Blogging was the one that had to go.

It was an enjoyable little hobby - the to'ing and fro'ing on tax in particular. I guess there are some things in life that even ostensibly intelligent pundits will never agree on. But the ability and willingness to debate and elucidate your position says more about the person than the position they adopt at times. Hence - Jordan, you have my utmost respect - for someone that is wrong... ;-)

I do sincerely hope some things change while I am away. I am not just talking about the Government either! I do worry about National's ability to provide a viable alternative and real leadership, based on a defined vision, not politicking. Act's ability to survive, let's not go there.... At the same time - I certainly do not like the way the current administration sees it as their moral duty to impose their ideologies on us underlings.

Developing a new stratum of middle class beneficiaries will be the legacy of this Government. If, after some reflection in a few years, Maharey and co can be proud of that - then they are more out of touch than My Right thought possible.

But leaving politics aside - I hope New Zealanders (all) take note of a recent Don'ism - "what ever happened to personal responsibility?" My Right holds rather grave concerns for the general direction we are heading in as a country. For want of a better expression - I think we are getting soft. Only showing the units a student passes and ignoring the failed units on NCEA results is case in point. Failure does not have to be entirely negative - it is how you respond to a failure that counts.

Lecture over, posting over, at least for the foreseeable future.......

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