Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Fighting the malaise - Brash speaks 

True to form - speak in clear sentences, pick a widely known topic, and tap into the sorts of things that people may be thinking - but have recently been afraid to express. Clearly this can work - seeing Clark do back flips over Orewa 1 was clear, and almost farcical, evidence of this.

But I think in all the dismissive and aggressive dissolution from the mainstream media (which My Right does not intend to link to) - I really believe they are missing the one thing that will resonate with the clichéd 'kiwi battler'. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

Labour underestimated the general unease about race relations - it didn't show up in their polling. Would you tell a stranger on the other end of the phone that sometimes Maori extremists (translated as Maori in general when polling) piss you off? No. Brash made having concerns OK.

So I think it may be with Orewa II - and not because we want to bash beneficiaries. Because we are sick of socio-policy-paths (the 'never been in the real world new age do gooders') who are out to save the world. My Right is not advocating natural selection - but the pendulum may well have swung too far.

Jordan is typically analytical in his summation of the speech - but I think he is missing what will show in the polling come Saturday. That the base reaction may well be that Don really has a point, and has struck another nerve.

Further, at least with Don you know what he is saying (as opposed to Social Steve). Many pundits have pointed out that George W (for all of his considerable failings) came across as a straight up simpleton - "you may not agree with me - but you know my intentions".

Overall My Right didn't mind the speech - but has always seen welfare as the simple white elephant of deeper societal issues. But, if mainstream NZ view this speech as an expose of a dangerous drift away from the good old kiwi ethos, then it may be a bit more dexterous than has been acknowledged thus far.

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