Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Stay staunch Dr Sullen 

Dr Cullen's steadfast refusal to acknowledge that he is over taxing every single working New Zealander has finally gotten to the point that it no longer annoys My Right!!

It was a conversation with the bro, Always Right, that lead to this 'disposition adjustment'. Always is very representative of middle New Zealand with Mrs Right, the job, the mortgage and three Junior Rights. A liberal and socialist at heart, he has disagreed with My Right on many issues - but finally we are united on Tax.

Even Always now thinks Sullen is taking the piss, and Tax is firmly on the agenda as an election issue. Or to quote exactly, "nup, fuck it mate – next year just give me a pay rise".

So there you go - My Right can now listen to Sullen bang on about 'the social wage', Helen talk about 'tax cuts being spending' and smile knowing that this philosophical refusal to acknowledge the blindingly obvious represents the best chance of a change of Government next term.

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