Monday, December 20, 2004

It's not what you do... 

There is a good column in the NBR at the moment that sums up the year in politics, and looks at how things have panned out the way they have in terms of support. Jeff Gamlin does not unearth any great theory or science - but neatly sums up what My Right has long lamented - that Labour simply do politics better than National.

Or in his words:
"In their own ways, both prime ministers worked on the basis that how you do things in politics can be more important than what you do.

For Ms Clark, a cautious approach to how things are done can persuade voters that her policy objectives are also moderate in tone, when this may not be the case at all."
He calls Clark a "process politician", but it goes beyond that. The entire party live for politics - the game. Hence, educated adults are willing to enter the debating chamber and wave jandals around, laughing uproariously (looking like complete wankers and loving it) when mocking someone for something they themselves specialise in (makes good copy when TVNZ obligingly dine out on it though).

As Gamlin observes - nothing can better highlight the quality of the spin from Level 9 than the fact that Don Brash is the one ending the year with the "flip flop" label. "Closing the gaps" has gone, "need not race" is in - this isn't so much a u-turn as a particularly boozy waltz.

As an aside, the NBR also look at how Labour have been allowed to get away with this with almost zero impact in the electorate. Media: Why NZ media oppose business.

All a bit bleak really - or maybe just a melancholy kind of a day....

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