Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Almost to 'clear' 

Douglas White QC has released his findings on the John Tamihere koha saga - and everything is looking a little too temperate to my mind. One Labour press statement states:
It was, of course, also alleged that John Tamihere accepted a $195,000 ‘golden handshake’ when he had previously said he would not accept it. This was not strictly a matter that Mr White was asked to consider, but the Report does make some relevant comments:

The payment was not a ‘golden handshake’ of the type that Labour campaigned against in the 1999 election.
To have a random and overtly political throw away line like that does leave the door open for people to view the report on the whole as being slightly charitable.

Labour have been quick to proclaim JT's incorruptibility - but not to the point where he can be reinstated to Cabinet. This seems a little strange.

The move to leave 2 Cabinet posts open for next years post election bartering have been well explained. But on the same day as JT is reported to be deeply hurt by the decision to leave him out in the cold - he and Hellzilla appear side by side in an uncomfortable victory dance.

With the Inland Revenue investigation still running and opposition parties still sniffing around - JT doesn't appear to be clear just yet.

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